Amanda Joy Ravenhill is an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She is the Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, dedicated to accelerating the identification, development, and deployment of strategies which radically advance regeneration of Earth’s ecosystems. She also serves as advisor to the Center for Carbon Removal and is a member of the steering committee for the Nexus Global Climate Change Working Group. Other positions she has held include Co-Founder and Executive Director at Project Drawdown, lecturer at Presidio Graduate School, teaching the Principles of Sustainable Management course; co-founder of The Hero Hatchery, a climate activist fellowship program; Business Partnership Coordinator at; and Americorp Sustainable Communities and Education Fellow. Ravenhill is driven by her experience living and working internationally as well as her enthusiasm to integrate art and science. She lectures and speaks publicly on such wide-ranging topics as biochar, regenerative design, carbon drawdown strategies, mindfulness, and systems thinking.

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Amanda Joy Ravenhill


California College of the Arts, Design MBA Program – Regenerative Principles and Design (January 2017)

Seasteading InternationalThe Generalized Principles of the Eternally Regenerative Universe(January 2017)

COP22 DoFest, Marrakesh Mooonshots and Earthshots Workshop (December 2016)

Social Innovation and Finance Summit COP22 The Carbon Cycle, Nature’s Fintech (December 2016)

Prototyping the Future – The Big Picture on Climate: Transitioning to Regeneration (November 2016)

Biomimcry Global Design Challenge and Ray of Hope Prize – Judge (October 2016)

SXSW Eco Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Carbon Neutrality (September 2016)

SOCAP Closing Remarks What the Impact Investing Movement Needs from a Millennial Perspective (September 2016)

SOCAP What will it take to solve Climate Change: Broad Challenges and Innovative Solutions (September 2016)

VERGE The Carbon Re-Balancing Act: Positive Solutions for Negative Emissions (September 2015, July 2016)

Schools Without Borders – Climate Change is Teaching us We Are All One Community: Lessons from Paris/COP21 (April 2016)

Notre Dam Mendoza College of Business Project Drawdown, A Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming (April 2016)

Climate Compassion Regenerative Land Use Strategies and Project Drawdown (March 2016)

HATCH Latin America  Is Climate Change Happening to You or FOR you? (February 2016)

Nexus Global Youth Summit Can Cities Save our Planet? (January 2016)

California College of the Arts, Design MBA Program Making the World Work for 100% (October 2015, January 2016)

COP21 Place to B How to Change Everyone to Change Everything (December 2015)

COP21 Regenerative Agriculture and Land Use Workshop Mapping the Movement (December 2015)

Bioneers Drawdown Climate Solutions: Reducing Food Waste, Carbon Farming, Family Planning, Ocean Energy (October 2015)

Bioneers Vanguard of the Design Science Revolution (October 2015)

Oceanus AquaConference How to Fall in Love with Carbon (October 2015)

Inflection Point Radio Paris is a Cop-Out (September 2015)

Oregon BEST Tech Is Climate Change Happening to You or FOR you? (September 2015)

Burning Man Regenerative Design (August 2015, August 2016)

State of the Soil Symposium The Drawdown Biosequestration Program (February 2015)

Greenbuild Project Drawdown Launch at the SuperDome (October 2014)

UC Berkeley Energy Resource Group Bringing Carbon Back to Life (October 2014)

TedX Tokyo The Evolution of Business (May 2014)

US Biochar Conference Biochar and Systems Thinking (November 2013)

Net Impact National Conference Design Thinking for MBA students (March 2013)

Climate Reality – Trained by and gave Al Gore’s Climate Presentation (September 2012, February, April, July 2013)

Google Design Strategy Workshop for Health Building Materials Toolkit (March 2012)


Drawdown - The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

Drawdown maps, measures, models, and describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming.

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Presidio Graduate School


Amanda Joy Ravenhill

1206 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117 | 207.206.4634 | @amandaravenhill

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Qualification Highlights

  • Nonprofit manager with extensive experience launching, leading and funding sustainable projects.
  • Compelling public speaker and spokesperson with a deep network of environmental and business leaders.
  • Experienced educator, skilled at designing and implementing systems thinking curriculum.
  • Passionate self-starter, adept at managing time, budget, staff, and consultants.
  • Emotionally intelligent collaborator who brings enthusiasm, respect, and deep listening to project teams.

Areas of Expertise

  • Regenerative Land-Use
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Partnerships Strategy
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Communications Strategy
  • Presentation Design
  • Climate Science
  • Education for Action
  • Sustainable Business
  • Public Speaking
  • Climate Solutions
  • Systems Thinking


MBA in Sustainable Management
(May 2011)
Focus on Biochar and Clean Cookstoves
Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, California

BA in International Development and Social Change
(December 2005)
Minor in Spanish, Concentration in GIS
Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts

Professional Experience

Buckminster Fuller Institute –Executive Director, San Francisco, California (12/16 – Present)

  • Led the organization through a strategic planning process leading to a new focus and direction.
  • In charge of fundraising, partnership strategy, programming, staffing and membership management.

Project Drawdown – Co-Founder and Executive Director, San Francisco, California (5/13 – 7/16)

  • Led the organization as it conducted and communicated a 30-year forecast on the top 100 industries that will reverse global warming.
  • Managed fundraising and coalition strategy and efforts, growing the organization to a $1.2 million budget in two years.
  • Developed and executed communication strategy, including website, social media and technology platform.
  • Designed and implemented business systems, human resources, budgeting, insurance and legal compliance.

Presidio Graduate School – Faculty, San Francisco, California (8/11 – 1/15)

  • Taught Principles of Sustainable Management course, a keystone course for all students on the business case for sustainability.
  • Designed and implemented curriculum on systems thinking, ecology, food systems, climate change, stakeholder mapping and management for promising MBA and MPA candidates who are focused on using business and policy as positive, scalable forces for change.

Biochar Association – Founder and Executive Director, San Francisco, California (10/11 – 10/13)

  • Designed and implemented an industry association program for biochar companies that was acquired by the US Biochar Initiative.

Hero Hatchery – Co-Founder and Director of Education, San Francisco, California (7/13 – 7/15)

  • Co-Founded and directed education programming to accelerate individuals that can humanize the climate issue and inspire broad action. – Head of Business Partnerships, San Francisco, California (5/09 – 5/11)

  • Discovered, coordinated and developed business relationships for Secured funding for projects and promoted the movement through innovative collaboration with the sustainable business community.

Islesford Boatworks – Co-founder, Board Member and Instructor, Islesford, Maine (8/05 – Present) (Instructor 8/05-9/12)

  • Co-founded and managed a community boatbuilding program to empower youth and ensure a future for Maine’s working waterfront.
  • Responsible for marketing, administration, grant writing, budgeting, program development, and logistics.

AmeriCorps: Island Institute – Sustainable Communities Fellow, Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine (1/08 – 8/08)

  • Advised town leaders on an environmental agenda; designed and taught a climate change curriculum to the middle school; conducted a community renewable energy study; guided the town in signing the Kyoto Protocol targets; sourced green energy for municipal needs; and founded and managed the Islesford Buying Club, a food cooperative supplying local organic food.

Quipus Cultural Foundation – Executive Director of Ananay, La Paz, Bolivia (1/07 – 7/07)

  • Managed and administered Ananay, a Bolivian fair-trade handicraft export program; coordinated development of new handicrafts product lines; promoted sustainable sourcing of materials and fair wages and benefits for artisans.
  • Developed and translated text for Reciclemos, an electronic waste toolkit for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Community Service Alliance – Project Manager, Service Group Leader, Dominican Republic (1/06 – 4/06)

  • Managed a community service project site at an orphanage and school for young girls; established a corporate sponsorship program, library organization system, art and design program, and health record system.
  • Provided orientation, direction and English/Spanish translation for alternative spring break U.S. college service groups; responsible for organization of work teams and logistics at multiple service sites.

Volunteer Experience

Nexus Global Youth, Working Group on Climate Change – Advisor, Global (2/15 – Present)

Advise youth philanthropists and investors in using the largest wealth transfer in history to accelerate climate solutions.

Center for Carbon Removal – Strategic Advisor, San Francisco, CA (5/14 – Present)

Provide guidance on terrestrial carbon capture strategies and strategic advice on communication and business engagement.

IDEATE – Core Leader, San Francisco, CA (7/12 – Present)

Lead a Burning Man camp focused on global, mission-driven entrepreneurs. Designed, fabricated, and facilitated workshops in the Bucky Ball Pit, an immersive educational space to learn about Buckminster Fuller and Synergetics. (September 2016)

Quickfire By Design – Partner and Graphic Facilitator, San Francisco, CA (9/10 – 9/14)

Launched a pro-bono design-thinking firm to facilitate results-oriented strategy sessions that delivered actionable plans. Open-sourced the process and trained students and professionals in Net Impact chapters around the world to use the tools we developed.

Biomass Energy Foundation – Marketing and Outreach Director, San Francisco, CA (3/11 – 3/12)

Developed marketing materials including a new online and social media strategy for this leader in gasifier cookstoves.

Bay Area Biomimicry Network – Co-Founder, San Francisco, CA (6/11 – 11/12)

Launched a biomimicry professional network and hosted monthly events, trainings, and speaker series.

Carbon War Room, Biochar Operation – Business Strategy Fellow, San Francisco, CA (3/10 – 12/10)

Managed strategy and communications, provided assistance at the US biochar conference.

Islesford Neighborhood House Association – Board Member, Vice President, Islesford, Maine (7/06 – 7/12)

Provided strategic planning guidance, financial management, administration assistance, and grant writing support.

Islesford Fair – Executive Director, Islesford, Maine (6/04 – Present)

Coordinate and manage 15 non-profit groups in an annual community fair that generates over $20,000 for area causes.

Barack Obama’s Campaign for Change – Community Organizer, Northern CA HQ, Georgia HQ (9/08 – 11/08)

Coordinated and provided phone bank support; managed logistics for volunteer trips to Nevada and Florida.

Management Sciences for Health  Project Coordinator, Windhoek, Namibia (2/05 – 5/05)

Conducted a performance evaluation of the public sector pharmacy distribution system.

Fundacion Genesis – Program Manager, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (5/03 – 6/03)

Developed and managed a summer education and community empowerment program for youth in a barrio community.


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